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TOVO is based on Total Football (TOtaal VOetbal). This style of football requires that players utilize divergent and convergent thinking to create and execute solutions. TOVO Training is intelligent football training.

Many training programs teach skills in such isolation that children do not learn to apply them under the demanding conditions of a match. In other words, the players do not develop their cognitive abilities. In addition, many training sessions are merely a collection of drills that have no correlation to the player’s role within a system of play.

TOVO Training methodology promotes a logical progression of exercises that directly construct the conditions under which players will need to perform. This learner-based program uses pattern recognition and geometric forms to simplify the complexity of the game and teaches players the secrets to a greater sense of vision, precision, and pace.


Our TOVO Training Wheel


Each exercise within our training portfolio is designed to help players find solutions to the challenges presented by their opponents. Our players love the dynamic, engaging and competitive nature of our training sessions. As coaches, we know that while they are having fun they are also training their brains and bodies to work in harmony.

When we implement this coherent and cohesive training program, players improve their performance. It is that simple. Out TOVO Training Wheel is the training framework that allows coaches to facilitate development and players to benefit tremendously.

A progressive and patterned series of game-based exercises instills in players a sense of confidence and creativity. Our training is not only purposeful, but also positive and playful.



Our training program is founded upon sound pedagogical principles. When we respect the learning process, we tap into a source of true empowerment. Human beings love formulas for success and we provide one.  Every detail of development is covered in a clear and coherent fashion.

3C: Total Footballer Model

To be a total footballer requires cognition, competence and character. We have developed a detailed rubric that defines the complete footballer a young player must become if he is to maximize his potential. With the Total Footballer 3C Model in place, we begin to analyze and train every aspect of performance. An intelligent player capable of executing his options in real time under real pressure is a player that will be prepared to compete at a higher level. 

PP: Position Play & Principles of Play

Players who understand the intricacies of position play are elite players. Our methodology empowers players to understand the value of proper and effective positioning to control spatial relationships. While this may seem esoteric, it is not. Even our youngest players may effectively begin to acquire this understanding and put it into practice.  We break position play into 5 critical components that enable players to advance their development remarkably.

By introducing TOVO’s 14 Principles of Play, we help young players master concepts that they will apply throughout their entire football development. Footballers will practice toward consistent execution of these principles and in doing so play capably and confidently. 

SP: System of Play

The game of football is open to many interpretations and therein lays the beauty of this international sport. At TOVO we believe in attacking, dynamic, possession-based football. Our methodology is designed to play the style of football that has led remarkable teams to tremendous success. Our origins rest in Total Football and for that reason our entire training method develops players capable of playing the game skillfully and intelligently. Every training detail leads us to play a system of play we find to be spectacular. Ultimately, players of great cognition, competence and character will be players who any coach in any part of the world will value. 


I am an advocate for attacking football — the application of good technique, using space intelligently, defending high, and pressuring the ball.
— Johan Cruyff



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